A Message from the OHNA Director at the New Year

Standing Strong in Times of Change

By Marina Ormes, OHNA DirectorMarina_Photo_Best

Times of challenge for a nation or a planet are similar to times of challenge for an individual facing illness or injury. A healing response is needed and appropriate. Each of us must look at our own attitudes and behaviors and consider ways we can align with healing and wholeness. The work we do on ourselves, within our families and communities, and as leaders and advocates for healing and wholeness can follow the same path we take when we respond to a patient or human being in need.

With recognition of the social and political uncertainties at the beginning of 2017, the OHNA Board of Directors hereby affirms that we continue to be a welcoming and inclusive organization committed to the principles of holism and holistic nursing.

As an organization, we value and hold the following as foundational:

  1. We honor the uniqueness and inherent worth of all beings.
  2. Within diversity, there is unity and interconnectedness in all things.
  3. Healing is a continual process of returning to wholeness that strives toward the highest good for an individual and all interconnected beings.
  4. The highest good includes living a life of purpose and meaningful contribution.
  5. Consciousness, awareness, kindness, and compassion are a source of healing.
  6. The human experiences of suffering that include pain, limitation (physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual), the experience of being devalued, and other challenges can be catalysts to healing, when seen as such.
  7. Healing includes the meeting of physical needs and goes hand in hand with positive feelings such as joy, freedom, creative inspiration, clarity, and a sense of purpose.

standing_transparent2We affirm the positive outcomes we envision through practices such as centering, meditating, holding space, and sending our positive intentions to all human beings. As our own human fears and experiences of limitation rise to the surface, we look at them for what they are. They do not determine the future. We recognize that another force is awakening, and it asks us to expand our hearts and minds to embrace what calls us.

There is no need to fight from fear or with attitudes of either/or. We are warriors of the heart and protectors of the future. We stand with strength, courage, and boundaries, but with no need for hate. We hold healing and light for all beings. We join with lightworkers across the planet in holding space for awakening and transformation.

While we acknowledge the truth of destructive choices and their implications, our courage leads us to focus our energy not on fear and resistance, but rather on authentic, inspired action that is grounded in love and respect. Care, love, compassion, and healing for the self facilitates the emergence of the greatest good for one’s family, one’s community, and all beings.

We focus on seeing and feeling the shift. We envision waking up to the news headlines we want to see. We choose to feel our gratitude for what has become possible, as if all we hope for has already happened. We see the children and their children claiming the future. This is what we have been practicing for.  It is why we are here.


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