Moon Care is Self Care

Submitted by Marina Ormes RN, HN-BC (ret)

Because I am an astrologer, it’s hard for me to think about self-care and not think of the Moon. In astrology, the Moon is the symbol that represents needs. The astrological Moon encompasses the intangible: our emotional needs and our needs for caring and nurturing. It symbolizes the mother and the way “mother energy” holds and supports us although we may not have the words to explain why.

Each day, the Moon is in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the Moon is in reveals the “mood”, or energy of each day. Each zodiac sign falls in one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, or water. And each day has a particular feeling to it; for example, it might be more energetic and action-oriented, as with fire signs, or perhaps more moody and emotional, as with water signs. You can learn the mood of each day with a free Moon planning calendar on my website

Additionally, each of us was born on a day and time when the Moon was in a particular sign. That is your “Moon sign” (different from the “Sun sign” most of us know of from popular astrology).

My Moon sign is Aquarius. When I reflect on my own needs for self-care I notice I feel more deeply nurtured and fed when my life feels spacious, when I don’t have to move quickly from one thing to the next, or fill my time up with busywork.

Aquarius is the sign of detachment, freedom, and outside-the-box thinking. To receive its gifts of lightning bolts of insights, Aquarian types need to clear their minds of chatter and everyday thinking and problem-solving. Aquarian energy flourishes when it can get away from distraction and small talk, and space out. When we are able to clear our heads in this way, the lightning bolts find us and we might solve all of our problems at once!

I know that “taking space” in this way for me is deeply nurturing. I take care of myself by letting myself space out and have unscheduled time. One of my favorite things to do is actually to go to bed early and just lie in bed by myself with no agenda, lightly meditating or trancing, stating affirmations, breathing deeply, or just feeling and listening.

Each of us has our Moon in one of the twelve signs. Knowing your Moon sign will help you know the best ways to care for yourself. Here is a quick, general insight into the needs for each Moon sign. To find your own Moon sign, use the search terms “what is my Moon sign” and you will find some online Moon sign calculators.


Aries (fire sign): Needs to move, be uncensored, live fully, take risks.

Taurus (earth sign): Needs to work with materials, experience things through the senses, find simplicity.

Gemini (air sign): Needs to explore ideas, ask questions, follow curiosity, exchange ideas.

Cancer (water sign): Needs to feel cozy and safe, feel emotions, provide nurturing, focus on healing.

Leo (fire sign): Needs to be seen and heard, find an audience, move and express, be appreciated.

Virgo (earth sign): Needs to be of service, improve and make better, learn systems and techniques.

Libra (air sign): Needs to relate with others, collaborate, form partnerships, create balance and fairness.

Scorpio (water sign): Needs to feel things, process under the surface, merge with another, transform.

Sagittarius (fire sign): Needs to explore, travel, discover and integrate truths, share conclusions.

Capricorn (earth sign): Needs to organize, work toward goals, create and manage projects.

Aquarius (air sign): Needs to detach, take space, work toward a vision, form acquaintances.

Pisces (water sign): Needs to honor intuitive and psychic information, foster spiritual connection.

Happy Moon Care!


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