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Root Where You Can – Guest Post

Submitted by Paul van Waardenburg
OHNA member

The times are a-changing. There is an impending new normal, a great reset. The landscape of our lives is regularly changing. This past year and more has shown us that one month there may be fires, a pandemic, etc. and the next everything is open, and your employer is “asking” you to come back to the workplace. Circumstances have left mapping out our lives beyond a month victim to regular revision. Many of us, healers in this community, have been tasked with learning how to be resilient. We are asked to not burn out at this time of service. How do we stay grounded in a world that is constantly shifting beneath our feet?

This dilemma has led me to find new ways of living in this time to find answers, signs, and synchronicities. How can I redefine my time? What is this time? Does “Sun”day have a more sun-based aspect to its quality? Is the first day of summer the actual date of the earliest sunrise to the latest sunset? When I looked at the first day of the spring equinox, for example, I found that the calendar date was different from the actual day when the day and night were both equal times. When I check my horoscope and I look directly above me can I make out the constellations or planetary placements that inform the astrologer overhead? When I look at sidereal or Vedic astrology, I find that western astrology does not pertain to which stars are in the sky where I am. Each of these questions has only led me to subjective confirmation, but how can one live more in the objective?

For me, it has been about aspects of the sun and moon. Instead of waking up every day with the alarm on my phone, I find rhythm in waking up with the songs of birds out my window or the cat purring beside my head. I have found ritual(s) based on the aspect of the moon overhead. Each new moon I take time to celebrate my ancestors and with a full moon, I take time to reflect. I sit in silence before the sun fully rises into the sky as colors change and dance in celebration of the day ahead. I offer salutations in yoga forms depending on the planetary aspects moving about in the wider Universe while taking in their form with breathwork.

We are sovereign and yet time slowly picks away at that view of ourselves. Appointments, clocking in and out and living for the weekend slowly erode that perspective. I challenge that our existence as sovereign entities creates more of who we are than career, education, or whatever story that has been incorporated into the current expression of ourselves. I offer my experience to exploring my time in the objective thought-form and ask each one of us to share and practice yours too. I challenge that we are living in a story of existence and each of us is the main character in that epic. By reclaiming our time that story becomes clearer.

What is your objective way to measure time?  How can you offer it more space in your living being? Sit with this idea in stillness, root where you can, as we have eternity to find the answers.


Paul van Waardenburg BSN, RN-BC is a husband and father of three wonderful light beings. As a full-time home hospice nurse and part-time chaos magician, his activities include those of life and living. To find more of Paul’s inner monologue in the outer you can check out his podcast MagikCool Podcast which he co-hosts with his wife, Jessica, where they discuss esoteric solutions to the very real difficulties that surround our lives.  Or his solo cast, RevolutionRN, where he interviews nurses focused on empowering their communities and one another.