10th Annual Conference ~ October 22-25, 2017 



10.8 CONTINUING EDUCATION CONTACT HOURS AVAILABLE: Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # 15842



The use of essential oils has risen dramatically over the last 5-10 years. Not nearly enough of that usage has been accompanied by qualified education on safe and effective use. Many users still believe ‘more is better’. Participants in this workshop will be exposed to the power of the subtle, compelling, ‘less is more’ practical application of essential oils for dramatic, therapeutic effect. Hands-on activities provided in the workshop will create a personal opportunity to experience this subtle modality. Participants will also take home a tool designed to help clients experience this subtle power.

Caryn Gehlmann, BA, CCA, is a certified clinical aromatherapist. She did her studies, clinicals, and certification in Medical and Aromatic Medicine with Dr. Raphael J. d’Angelo, MD. She has studied the professional and practical uses of aromatherapy with the country’s leading educators. Caryn is a skilled and popular aromatherapy consultant. Caryn founded her company, Essential 3, in 2002. Caryn teaches aromatherapy to professionals as well as lay people. She specializes in education for hospitals, hospices, massage schools, esthetic schools, wellness clinics, medi-spas, and pain clinics. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of the sponsor and/or attendees and are designed to be informative and participatory. Caryn is an experienced aromatherapy formulator, specializing in proprietary essential oil blends that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective.

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Are you considering a Holistic practice and wondering how to make it a success?Some of us come to be where are by having the big dream early on and following the logical steps. Others tend to follow whatever doorways open for them. What is your Dream? How can you bring your Dream into fruition?

This offering will look at some of the steps in one successful Holistic career and identify common elements to help you achieve your dreams. Using education techniques along with the power of small groups and the larger group we will identify tools to help you launch your dream. Interactive energy practices will help you embody the concepts in a powerful way. Whether you are just considering a Holistic practice or already have a practice in place you will come away with new ideas and methods of manifesting your Dream.

Lee Anne Hellesto, MSN, FNP, RN, NP, NP-C is an Integrative Medicine Healer, Licensed Nurse Practitioner and owner of Discover Health in Bend Oregon.  She is one of only 1000 people worldwide to graduate from the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at University of Arizona in Andrew Weil’s program. With over 29 years of experience in nursing, it is Lee Anne’s firm belief that rebalancing your health can eliminate 90% of your symptoms. She specializes in Integrative Medicine with the focus of providing a bridge between Allopathic Medicine and Complimentary Medicine to facilitate communication between these schools of medicine.   


Four holistic practitioners with an independent healing practice will share some tips and insights from their own experience, and an opportunity for Q&A will be offered.

(Lee Anne Hellesto, Caryn Gehlmann, Marina Ormes and Cordy Anderson)


Nursing from FlorEnce Nightingale’s era to the 1950’s relied heavily on the role of food/nutrition in the daily care and healing for the very young, to the very old. Over the last six decades, as science and technology have overshadowed older, sustainable care models supporting the vital role of nutrition, costs and chronic illness in the population have increased. Holistic Nurses of the 21st century are being called to revisit and embrace information from the decades prior to the 1950’s on Nutrition’s valuable role in patient care and recovery.

“Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, food and nutrition rank on the same level as air in the basic necessities of life. Food is loaded with personal, social, and cultural meanings that define our food values, beliefs, and customs. That food nourishes the mind as well as the body broadens nutrition to an art as well as a science. Nutrition is not simply a matter of food or no food but rather a question of what kind, how much, how often and why. Merging want with need and pleasure with health are key to feeding the body, mind, and soul.”

~  Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice by Susan G. Dudek  2014Tam NANP 2013sm

Tammera  J. Karr, Ph.D., FAAIM, BCIH, BCHN, CGP, CNC, CNW, CNH, is an author, public speaker, educator, and clinician. Tammera serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, the Accreditation Commission for the American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM). Tammera has established an Integrative Medicine Partnership in 2006 and currently works in a clinical setting with DO’s, FNP-C, Bio-Feedback Specialists, and others to provide clients with tools to take control of their health. Tammera provides personalized nutrition consultations. Her clinical and education practice is ever evolving to meet the needs of clients, the public and fellow practitioners striving to empower those they meet.




In this workshop participants will learn how to create healing environments that support their patients’ healing journey. Together we will explore the principals of design psychology—a design approach that uses an individual’s past experiences and future dreams to create places that support transformation, nurturance and growth. Participants will leave with simple skills to use design psychology within common nursing environments, as well as within their own lives and homes. Further resources will be provided for those who want to continue to study this growing and fascinating field.

Judith Tamarah Fried, holds a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon and is Certified in Design Psychology, a design approach that supports an individual’s growth by creating environments of deep nurturance. A lifelong artist and the founder of Creatrix Interior Design, Judith specializes in uncovering the soul of healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs through creating transformational workspaces. She is excited to share the practice of creating healing space with the holistic nursing community. 

It is the purpose and intention of OHNA to seed the Earth with peace and feed the vortex it creates.

It is the purpose and intention of OHNA to seed the Earth with peace and feed the vortex it creates.



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