Who We Are


We Believe:

  1. Nursing is an art/science with the primary purpose to nurture others towards the wholeness inherent within themselves.
  2. Nurses have a unique opportunity to provide services that facilitate wholeness.
  3. Holistic Nurses demonstrate expertise in a variety of roles and activities.
  4. Holistic nursing assists people to assume personal responsibility for self-care.
  5. Clients, families, and communities have the right to health care that honors the body, mind, and the spiritual.
  6. Disease and distress are viewed as an opportunity for increased awareness of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit.
  7. Holistic modalities and therapies provide support and options in healing.
  8. The OHNA serves as a foundation and dynamic force for holistic nursing practices.



The intentions of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association are to:

  1. Provide vision, direction and leadership for the advancement of holistic nursing practice in Oregon.
  2. Empower holistic nursing practice through education, research and standards.
  3. Honor individual excellence in the advancement of holistic nursing practice.
  4. Maintain financial stability and growth of the OHNA.
  5. Establish and maintain communications between the traditional medical practitioners and universal complementary and alternative healing practices.
  6. Encourage the efforts of each nurse member to reach a state of harmony among body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  7. Create opportunities to facilitate networking among OHNA members and the public.
  8. Promote and support educational programs to create public awareness of holistic nursing.
  9. Educate nurses, allied health practitioners, and the general public on health-related issues.


Using the nursing profession as a vehicle, we are
committed to unity and healing for the whole planet.