A Board Member’s Personal Experience With Therapeutic Touch

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Submitted by Cordy Anderson, RN, BSN, CCMHP, QTTT
OHNA Treasurer

As an RN who practices holistically, I became a Therapeutic Touch Sept blog photo2Practitioner in 1984. Since 1994, I have been attending the annual Therapeutic Touch programs at  the Indralaya Theosophical Camp, located on Orcas Island in the Puget Sound San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Each year I have the opportunity to connect with nature in a deep way, finding harmony and peacefulness. I get filled and renewed while I simultaneously deepen my practice of Therapeutic Touch (TT). It is one of the most precious experiences of my life.

Therapeutic Touch is a holistic, evidence based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well-being. In my practice as a
nurse, I have used TT with patients and co-workers for many years. But I am still always filled with enthusiasm as Camp Indralaya and Orcas Island support me to deepen my understanding of the healing potential that exists in each of us.

I feel it is an honor and privilege to focus my intention and compassion on the support of another’s healing journey. At the same time of course, the energy that is flowing through me to another also supports my own well-being. This process is the wondrous benefit of learning and practicing/performing Therapeutic Touch.  I learned it initially to help my Home Health and Hospice patients; little did I know that my energy level and over-all health would also be improved.

Sept blog photo3About two weeks after TT Camp this year, I attended the Oregon Country Fair in Eugene, and worked in the Health and Healing Booth that is part of the Community Village. I offered Therapeutic Touch to folks who came to the booth, I first centered
myself – the process of bringing myself to a state of inner stillness, then and grounding myself, connecting to the flow of universal healing energy., In being able to do that, I realized my focus is very deep as I can ignore the music, talking, dancing, etc., that was occurring just a few feet away. This skill has developed over time of course, but it sure is helpful in today’s rather chaotic world. If you are interested in learning Therapeutic Touch please give me a call – we can set up classes anywhere in Oregon.

Namaste, CordySept blog photo4

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