We embrace holistic nursing as a lifestyle as well as a profession. Our organization provides a means to create bonds within the nursing community and with our friends in other health care fields. We welcome non-nursing integrative practitioners to our membership. Holistic nurses understand that true healing comes from within, and recognize that as health professionals, we must first heal ourselves. It is important to practice self-healing on an ongoing basis before we begin to tend to the healing of others. Because there are many roads to healing, we understand that we must seek our own path.

This organization serves as a bridge between the traditional medical paradigm and universal integrative healing practices.

To foster connection and visibility as a bridge of holism for the health care community

To create an environment of collaborative opportunities that promote empowerment, support, self-care and education for holistic nurses and other healing practitioners


  1. Encourage the efforts of members to reach a state of harmony among body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  2. Facilitate opportunities for networking among integrative practitioners.
  3. Promote and support holistic educational programs
  4. Educate nurses and allied health practitioners on holistic modalities and principles

Core Values

  1. Respect – Honoring individual ideas, needs and differences, with kindness
  2. Integrity – Heart-centered alignment of actions and words
  3. Sustainability – Fiscal and resource
  4. Collaboration – Coming together to achieve our goals
  5. Inclusiveness – Encouraging a variety of perspectives and experiences
  6. Adaptability – Embracing change on the forefront.