Taking Care of Me

Submitted by Cordy Anderson, RN, BSN, QTTT, CCMHP
OHNA Treasurer

One thing I want to share right off is that doing things to take care of myself is much easier now that I am retired. Before retirement, I awoke and did a short meditation, ate a healthy organic breakfast, made a big organic salad for my lunch, and walked to work connecting with trees and plants along the way. In my workspace, I had many cards and things that were spiritual reminders to be present.

I have also done Qi Gong, Yoga, short hikes, and a small amount of cycling; none of these were done as consistent as would be really helpful, but all when done were enjoyed.  The other big support, both while working and continues to the present, is my practice of Therapeutic Touch (TT). In 1984 I learned TT to support my hospice and home health patients, and it truly was a great tool in my nurse bag. Little did I know then what I know now… that each time I centered (became fully present, peaceful, grounded and connected to source energy) I not only helped the person receiving TT, but I helped myself.

Now that I am retired my morning meditations are longer and include chanting. I find the daily practice of deep peace and stillness, which actually connects me to all that is, to be the most helpful thing I do. Even if it is only for five minutes or two minutes, it makes a huge difference. My TT practice continues with my inner self being more aware of the energetic support that occurs for both my client and me. As the Universal Healing Energy comes through me it is like sipping honey through a straw, some is going to stick to the straw. I listen to music that nourishes my soul, I limit the amount of news I read, and I stay connected to friends and family. I believe joy is our natural state so I spend as much time in joy as I can.

Sending you wholeness and harmony, joy and peace, thanks for reading, Cordy Anderson

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